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Abracadabra @ COLINDALE

100 Martlesham Walk
London NW9 5BF

Tel: 07796 960 990

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Abracadabra @ BRENT CROSS


Whitefield School
Claremont Road
Brent Cross
London NW2 1TR

Tel: 07796 960 990

BRENT CROSS Branch - OPENING Sept 2019

BRENT CROSS branch - Opening September 2019. We also cater for babies! Call for more details

Published: Wed, May 29th, 2019
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Published: Sun, Feb 05th, 2017
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"The staff at the nursery are very friendly towards the parents and the kids. They inform us about everything important. Mia loves coming to he nursery because it gives her more opportunities to explore"
- Malgorzata
"I am happy with the staff and the key workers especially. My child learns a lot here and I am happy with his progress"
- Mrs Jagda
"The nursery has good policies, explained to parents in detail. Most importantly, the safeguarding policy was well discussed and as a parent, I feel children are in a safe environment. My child has been showing remarkable progress in cognitive abilities; we attribute this partly to the input from the nursery. Most importantly, I am pleased by the level of physical activity eencouraged by the staff"
- Ms Ashogbon
"Very good nursery. Jessica is well looked after. Staff members are very kind."
- Ms Corcoran
"We can see good progress in Riana within this period. She loves going to the nursery and she has become so friendly with others since attending the nursery.

Riana can sing, dance and she is good at numbers and letters. She talks about good and bad habits which she has learnt from school, like not fighting with other children, sharing things, listening ettc. Riana also tells her own stories using her own imagination. We are happy with her progress.

Thank you all."
- Mrs Fernando
"We are very pleased with the nursery as it has met our high expectations. The key worker gives us regular updates about our child’s progress, including her schemas, which we find very useful."
- Mr & Mrs Tran
"My children have grown in confidence and I have seen lots of improvement and progress. I want to thank all the staff of Abracadabra for their help and support over the past year"
- Eliot & Artea's mum
"My daughter has become very courageous and social. I am very happy with the nursery. Many thanks to all the teachers / staff."
- Mr Naqushbandi
"I like the fact that we work together to achieve my child's progress. i.e. the nursery will teach something and then inform me so that I can continue the development at home."
- Ms Cooper-Padmore
"My daughter has gained so much confidence and independence during this year. Most importantly, she has learnt to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. She can also now stand up for herself. She is now ready to join primary school in September. Great work by all the staff."
- Mr Abedin
"Our son has made excellent progress at the nursery. His speech and communication have developed remarkably and he is more inquisitive and curious about new things. His confidence is growing and we feel has been given a good platform to express himself. He mentions staff and pupils at home and he can't wait to go to school. He has found a purpose in school and we find pride in the strides he has taken at the nursery."
- Ezekiel's mum and dad
"I was recommended this nursery by my sister-in-law and I am very happy with my choice. Our daughter comes home each day with positive stories and comments. She loves the teachers as well as the nursery."
- Mr Jalal
"Abracadabra nursery has had a good impact on our daughter. She thoroughly enjoys coming to the setting. She has become more independent and confident, both physically and verbally. She has formed meaningful relationships at Abracadabra, which I am sure she will not forget as she grows."
- Ms. McCallum
"The overall quality of teaching and atmosphere is outstanding at the nursery. Our daughter has learnt a lot from being here for the past year."
- Tia's mum
"I am very happy with Abracadabra because my son loves the teachers there and he always speaks very positively about them. He is always happy when he comes home."
- Mrs Masshad
"We can see the great progress our daughters have made since joining Abracadabra. They both can’t wait to go to the nursery."
- T Fernandes
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